Friday, May 3, 2013

Clockwork City 102
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  1. And 25 pages later, we finally have speech.

  2. The comic I'm working on isn't much different, in middle of 2nd chapter and I think (without going back and counting) I've had maybe a dozen panels with dialog.

  3. It wasn't even actual speech, more like she finally made a sound. Still an interesting story and well drawn.

  4. I never was complaining about it. I like it when stories can be conveyed through actions and are not reliant on words. I was just making a note considering that the previous two chapters (Chapter 2 especially) had a lot more speech in them. Even the first chapter had speech. This is probably the first chapter where for a majority of it there isn't any talking.

    It's really hard to convey tone through text alone. :(

  5. I really really enjoy your comic, I'll put what I have in paypal into the kickstarter, it's probably only a few dollars at the moment, but I'll pay the rest for the $30 one sometime.
    I'm not even sure why, but the vibe and feel you've made is really amazing, keep it up!