Friday, April 26, 2013

Clockwork City 101

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  1. The question now is where they even are.

  2. hugging in front of the corpse of a large animal. like ya do..

  3. W-what am I even supposed to feel? The hugging is kinda sweet, but there's a corpse right there which we have established makes the atmosphere sad.

    Also, Bauble seems more like he just resigns to let Orio hug him, in fact the color purple can symbolize peace of mind. The color purple is a combination of red and blue which are the warmest and the coolest colors, which also describes the bittersweet kind of thing going on. Actually... the color purple also relates to pomp and wealth. Does this mean Orio is actually a princess? No? How about Bauble? ...or maybe Crick? You know what else? Lavenders (the plant) are purple! Furthermore, I own a purple necktie.

    1. you are pleasantly strange, sir or madam.

    2. I try... G3mini
      I joke, bloke
      Quite gleefully, chickatee
      On the spur, sir
      I aim to elate, mate
      You'll find me every now and then, kitten
      Maybe even after this chapter, mister
      But, I'll be back, Jack

      Okay, I'm done... hun' (Last one, I promise.)

    3. I lied, Clyde >:D (I'm so so sorry!)

  4. I won't lie.
    It didn't even occur to me that they were having a tender moment beside the smote remains of their adversary until the page was done and posted.

    C'est la vie?