Monday, February 8, 2016

Mechanical Men 067

Mechanical Men 067
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And hey!
BOOK 2 is OUT!


  1. Yay book! I've been saving and just bought both!

  2. So...he didn't kill the paper tiger, because he remembered her kindness...and then he...marked it with all those circles of stones, so maybe she could find them again? or more like marking a grave? I am having alot of trouble telling what is going on.

    1. Eep, I didn't mean that to sound like a criticism. Your novel is beautiful. One of the reasons I follow it is that I'm a very words based communicator (clinically so), and so this has been a really fun challenge for me given how body language, not speech or narration, carries so many significant moments in this story.
      But I've gotten really lost, especially more recently.
      Specifically this page and prior 2, should I be able to understand it? Or will it make sense in a few updates?

    2. Hello!
      To answer your questions.
      No, Bauble didn't kill this tiger. But the tiger did die.

      These last pages have been difficult for me to convey, because what goes on in Bauble's head is not completely made clear to the audience. His actions and the memories that he give significance to are the only real indicator of his character. So, you're not supposed to be completely clear on what he's thinking, and it's unlikely this will be touched on again. But it was my hope that his actions would at least lend to the idea that he has become more compassionate as a result of his time with Orio.

      As for the stone circles. I wanted to indicate some sort of grieving process. Some tangible indication that Bauble was honoring the dead. Like laying flowers.


    3. No cause for apologizing! I need clinical help reading body language and piecing together intentions - in no way is that your fault :) This comic is one of the many things I use to build those muscles. Thanks for giving me an assist in understanding! It really is a beautiful read.

      One thing that confused me was where we see bauble holding the rock over his head, it looks like he is planning to throw it onto the tiger (killing it? putting it out of misery?) but instead he curls up and comforts it, I wasn't sure if he was hoping Orio would be along, or if was just comoforting it. My confusion continues as those rings of stones seem to draw attention to it.

      If she's a mender, could she make the tiger work again? O.O

      Anyway, thanks for the story and the explanation!