Friday, August 15, 2014

Paper Tigers 092.093

Paper Tigers 092.093 
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(Sorry, you gotta right click it to get the full sized version.)
This is the end of Chapter 3.
I gotta go and get my ducks in a row for the final chapter of this book.
So we'll be taking a month long hiatus.
Rough estimate is I'll be back Sept. 15th.
Hang tight!
Much love.


  1. Terribly terribly eager for your return! A fantastic and ominous page to end on.

  2. No trauma, so there's a chance they're *temporarily* deactivated/ under a spell, but what the heck happened here? Some sort of cult? A chemical agent? Do chemical agents even work on the clockwork people? There's so many things I'd need to know about this world to make a decent guess (although meta knowledge seems to hint that what the male lead is looking at is the source of it, pacing et al.)

  3. Whoa, what happened there?

    I saw you said final chapter. This is just too damn good! (please, don't end it...) What other comics do you have? You should put this on Tapastic or something. I don't know how many people come here to view, but I only found this comic buried from a link on another comic. I really hope you get more exposure because this is awesome.