Monday, December 23, 2013

Paper Tigers 045

Paper Tigers 045

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The holidays have really done a number on me folks.
And I need a little breather.
But don't worry!  HINGES will be back Friday the 3rd.
Thank you!

Sorry for the delay today, but I was busy getting THIS THING settled:
I promised you a book available to the masses by the end of December and I have delivered.
(even if I did wait until the very last second) 
HINGES Book 1 is there.  Along with a couple other goodies.

And don't forget!
I've got a KICKSTARTER going.
There are a ton of awesome people in this anthology, you should
definitely check it out!




  1. Not. Impressed.

    Very nice expression, and thanks!

  2. Interesting development, he's a marrionette without his strings but he is still able to move. And I Love Orio's expression.
    Happy holidays!!


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  5. Oh wow, that's all there is so far! Dyyyyiiing! Can't wait for more!

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