Monday, October 7, 2013

Paper Tigers 031

Paper Tigers 031
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  1. Intrigue!
    On a separate note, where did Orio get the ring from?

    1. Woah, good eye. Maybe it's not a ring. It could be the "signature" of the manufacturer (the Magistrate? or someone else...) that they put on everyone they create. Like a royal birth mark or something.

      Or it's a really flat ring. I've been wrong before.

    2. This is my bad.
      The ring's been in a few pages previous, but I keep forgetting about it.
      (I've been editing those pages so it'll be consistent throughout Book 2)

      The ring is actually a repair, necessary after her run in with Crick. (She damaged her knuckle in the fall.)
      Unlike Bauble, an organic lifeform, Orio and her denizen brethren are incapable of cellular regrowth, so they have to buff scratches and replace limbs.
      I'm kicking myself that I never addressed or hinted at this before in the background crowds.

      Anyway, the metal is just a remnant of her past injury.
      And a nicely decorative one at that...

  2. Giant mecha Orion confirmed. This implies giant monsters outside of Cobble. This completely explains why they had to build a huge wall.

    1. Uh-oh.
      I should probably address this before any unnecessary parallels are drawn between HINGES and ATTACK ON TITAN...

      No one who lives in Cobble now was involved in the building of the wall.
      They do maintain it. But only because it would damage their pride to let anything go without repair.

      It's possible that the very first Orderlies may have commissioned the wall, however this would have been a preventative measure, not a reactionary one. They simply would have been uncomfortable with the idea that any outside forces could randomly appear and disrupt their work.

      As far as anyone in Cobble is concerned, this is only conjecture though.
      All the original denizens have long since broken down.
      And I'm sure all the paperwork is lost.

    2. So we have dolls that are driving what are essentially giant dolls.

    3. Tsk.
      I'm afraid I couldn't possibly say...

    4. The story honestly reminded me more of Haibane Renmei then Attack on Titan... That'd be a weird shift...

      Anyhow looking forward to the mysteries.

  3. On the subject of the repair, does this mean that Orio cannot bend that knuckle? It looks like the hinge is held flat by the repair, but I could be mistaken.

    And YES!!! It's that beautiful swirling script again, that was shown on the pocketwatch! note to self -- the full text is not shown so there is no way to know if it says Orio or Orion... oooOOOooo suspense!!!

    Thank you for another fantastic page!! And thank you for all the fascinating extra information you included below it!

    1. The repair fills and covers the area of the joint that was damaged in her earlier scuffle. So she can still bend the joint. Th hinge holds the knuckle in place and that the knuckle moves around is on on the side of the finger (I almost never draw it). The repair is flat against the top of the knuckle, like a little shield, to prevent the earlier damage from worsening and reaching the finger's articulation.

      I may have to draw diagrams of this.
      I feel like I'm tripping over myself trying to explain it...