Monday, August 12, 2013

Paper Tigers 016

Paper Tigers 016 
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Hey guys.
There's no new page today 'cause I am jetlagged as all get out.
Sorry for the hiccup.  But we should resume a normal posting schedule by Monday.
Thank you for understanding!
The original line work for Paper Tigers 016 up for purchase.
$85.00 w/ shipping 
Email me if you're interested: iniquitousfish(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Meredith, Thank you so much for the wonderful story so far. I have enhjoyed Hinges and your earlier online work. I see that you're very distinct style with what would seems to be a definite Anime influence. But, what are your major influences and goto reference material?

    Secondary, is there a list of publications that we can buy outside of Hinges that highlights your unique artistic style? Will Hinges be available in paper at some point?

    1. Oh, I'm soooo delllaaayyyyed responding to you!

      Thank you for the kind words and support.
      I think a lot of HINGES' initial influences came from European comics like SKYDOLL or AGITO COSMOs. But it changes on a new weekly basis these days.

      As far as work outside of HINGES, I've done spot work for BOOM!STUDIOS' ADVENTURE TIME (covers mostly and a short in the GN PLAYING WITH FIRE) as well as the HOPELESS SAVAGES OMNIBUS from ONI PRESS. I am also working on the next installment of HOPELESS SAVAGES also, but couldn't possibly tell you when that will see a release.

      HINGES has been printed thanks to a KICKSTARTER campaign. And it should be made available to the general populace once I've taken care of all my KICKSTARTER backers first.
      The only exception is if you find me at a convention, where I will have the book on sale as well.