Friday, May 24, 2013

Clockwork City 105
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The Kickstarter FUNDED.
And we're gonna get a book.

Convention Roster
Phoenix Comic Con 
May 23-26
Table AA28
August 31-September 2
Booth 313


  1. came over from io9; loving the comic

  2. Love your work.
    I also followed the link from io9. Just wish they had posted in time for the kickstarter. Congrats on the stretch goal!

  3. What ^^ said. Lovely stuff.

  4. I've been following your work for about half a year now.
    All I can say is congratulations, both on getting your book funded and continuing to draw great pages like this one.

  5. I've been following this gorgeous comic since you started it--since that was when I first discovered it, after all! ^_^ I just can't say enough how beautiful your writing, your art, your characters... This is by far one of my favorite webcomics, and I look forward to each and every new page.

  6. Oh my goodness!
    There are so many of you!

    Thank you all for the kind words!

  7. Another io9'er.
    Love this. Keep it up!

  8. also linked through from io9... and devoured your entire archive in a day!

    your artwork and layouts are INCREDIBLE FEASTS FOR MY FACEBALLS, thank you!

  9. This comic is beautiful.

    Oh, sorry, I'm just another newly converted HINGES fan. Just adding to the chorus of people who really love what you're doing with this comic. I especially love your use of color to set the tone in your scenes. The role of color in comics is something I've only really begun to appreciate in the past year or so and from what I've seen you're definitely doing it right.

    A part of me wishes I'd discovered HINGES sooner, but on the other hand I'm glad I got to read a hundred some pages uninterrupted. At least I discovered it before the Kickstarter campaign wrapped up. Really looking forward to having this on my bookshelf.

    Awkward segue, you mentioned HINGES would become a twice weekly updated comic if the Kickstarter hit over $25,000 (congratulations!). Would this be going into effect after you finish up Chapter Four?

    1. Hey!
      No awkwardness at all!

      HINGES will indeed be a twice weekly comic beginning with Book 2.
      There are only about three pages left in Book 1, and then I'm gonna take a brief month reprieve to build up a new backlog for Book 2.

      So if all goes according to plan, the twice weekly updating schedule will begin first week of July.

    2. Thanks so much for answering! Really looking forward to where the story will go from here.