Friday, June 29, 2012

Clockwork City 054

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Official business!
For San Diego Comic Con (July 12~14)
(I just realized I've been getting the dates wrong all this time...)
I will be signing at the Oni Press booth (#1833)
(A map will be along next week...)
at the following times:

Thursday the 12th:  1~2:45 pm
Friday the 13th (ooo...):  5~6:45 pm
Saturday the 14th:  5-6:45 pm
Sunday:  I will be at SeaWorld.
Please feel free to stop by!
I will have things!
Many things.
(Though none of it Hinges related... still working on that, sorry.)
Also, someone asked over in the 'About' section about my having a proper summary for 'Hinges.'
I haven't come up with one yet.
But I thought maybe I could do something clever like haikus or something.
Turns out I'm not that clever.
But I wrote some anyways.
And I'll leave you with that.
 "In Clockwork Cities
Plans will often go awry
Should an imp drop by"



  1. It seems like the beginning of a classy Irish limerick. There will be some lighthearted tom-foolery, maybe imbibing some Guinness, and good times had by all.

  2. 8O what's happening over there?!

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